How to get a Job

My way until now

My dad is a self-employed IT-Consultant, mainly focused on private persons to small businesses, everything from hardware and network/telephone wiring to software and service. Also some cozy, never-think-about mail and webhosting. I helped here and there, mainly focused on the hosting and everything related to Apple.

I started computer science in 2014 at the TU Dortmund, right next to my city, started to slow down my pace sometime but doing all the things, I saw some sense in for the practical future: Distributed Systems, Software Architecture, programming classes and even functional programming in Haskell, but really tuck away from the heavy math stuff.

So this fall I got to a point where I really didn’t have any motivation to continue this study.

But doing nothing isn’t really an option, right?

So i started looking out for entry-level jobs…

Talking. In Person

not my favorite thing to do, but…

After sending out some halfbaked applications for jobs for non-frontend, no java positions, i talked to a relative of a good friend and he told me about Meetups. Never heard about this before…

So since I have some interest in Docker, I went to a Docker meetup and eventually got in touch with the head of bee42.

We talked there shortly, he told me to come over next week and we talked about two hours about Raspberrys, Docker, and of course what I can do for them. This was on a friday, the week after he send me an exercise, after starting with a big questionmark on my forehead i managed to make it work and now, I’m there, starting as a working student for the next three months. After that time, we will see how much I’ve learned and if I can contribute enough to work full-time.


Talk to the people ! You can’t summarize yourself on two pages