First Times

first time actual working

So I started officially in December at bee42 as a working student. The first weeks in December were a little chaotic, my two colleagues were at KubeCon Seattle for a week but later onto this.

The first days didn’t feel like real work. It was a strange feeling to get paid for just hacking around a little bit, trying, failing, asking obvious questions, Christmas just a few days to go. But it got better over time. Since two other newbies started in January, i felt actually very experienced because i could help them to make their first steps, getting their head around our tooling, setting up all permissions, accounts, introduce them to new projects. This made me feel a lot better about my knowledge and abilities.

first time home office

I mentioned the KubeCon above. I had some loose tasks to do for the week they were away but it still felt like being in the middle of the ocean. At first glance the tasks look big and not precicely defined. But I sat down and broke everything up in smaller tasks I probably could do. Later i realized some of them weren’t small enough but that’s a thing to learn i guess.. But originally i wanted to talk more about the actual workflow experience in this week:
I planned doing two to three days full work but when there was nothing to hold me at the table it felt more lighter to me to work everyday like two hours in the morning and maybe 3 later on the evening and therefore on more days than two complete days.

Because the company is pretty flexible I had the opportunity to work some other days remotely, where I could work like it felt the best for me.

What I’m trying to say is just that everyone should have the ability to do remote work, it’s so easy for a tech company (relative to a lot of other businesses) so why would you have all people around all the time?

Disclaimer: It’s just my feeling and experience for a really short period of time.

first conference

Last and the most recent part for today: My first conference, the GoDays in Berlin. This was also my first ‘business trip’.

I had my first contact with Go at a Hackathon the company made in mid of December, tried to build the Worker from the famous Voting App as a Go service. Because my colleagues liked it, i had to continue and gained some more learning-by-doing knowledge of Go.

Then they came up with the goDays and whoops, I found myself in a big crowd of international developers, such a great impression to see so many talented people and enthusiasm for a programming language!

It was the first occurence of this conference, for my eyes it all seemed well organized, two stages, cool location, a nice shirt and good food. Oh, and entertaining and interesting talks! I can’t really tell wich was my favorite talk. You can see some photos and impressions on the company’s instagram (which I made 😁)