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This is my Website. Or will be.

Somebody told me to do this. I will link him sometime here.

Since this is relatively new to me, i guess i’ll write about my own projects and what I learned while doing it.

OpenTelemetry for FastAPI

What is FastAPI FastAPI is a Python framework for building, you guessed it, APIs. I especially like it because it’s so simple to use. What is OTel OTel, or better OpenTelemetry, is the next iteration of defining one standard to ship traces, metrics and logs in a common format so you’ll never be vendor-locked for your observability solution. Since all major observability tools are heavily investing on it and we want to move to a different solution in the future, this is the best solution to let your code run anywhere. [Read More]

KubeCon EU 2022 in Valencia

recycled from an internal slack post A colleague of mine and I set out to explore what the mysterious but divine world of Cloud Native ☁️ and Kubernetes has evolved to in the last two years of pre-recorded online talks. Due to our untrained trip-planning we both met in Barcelona and together made the last leg to Valencia on Tuesday 17th where we arrived in the evening and after literally 5 minutes we ran into our colleagues from a supplier of us. [Read More]

Hide your Storage behind Traefik

As we transistion from an old fashioned server install for our Ruby application to Kubernetes we needed a solution for all the static assets like images, uploads or feeds. Our choice was blob storage, since its scalable, cheap and you dont have to care about it yourself. But how should our customers know the new adress? We thought a 301 is a little odd and we couldn’t be sure if all requesting endpoints could handle it correctly (I know, sounds cringe but thats how the world is). [Read More]

First Times

first time actual working So I started officially in December at bee42 as a working student. The first weeks in December were a little chaotic, my two colleagues were at KubeCon Seattle for a week but later onto this. The first days didn’t feel like real work. It was a strange feeling to get paid for just hacking around a little bit, trying, failing, asking obvious questions, Christmas just a few days to go. [Read More]

Go Lang Adventure

This week I participated in a Hackathon organized by bee42 at their location. It was focused on students of the FH Dortmund grad school, but me and a friend of me participated as well. We both know Docker and had experience working with git, wich, unfortunately, the other students didn’t seem to have. The goal was to make a better version of https://github.com/dockersamples/example-voting-app, to be mindful of the 12 factor rules and just have fun, of course! [Read More]

How to get a Job

My way until now My dad is a self-employed IT-Consultant, mainly focused on private persons to small businesses, everything from hardware and network/telephone wiring to software and service. Also some cozy, never-think-about mail and webhosting. I helped here and there, mainly focused on the hosting and everything related to Apple. I started computer science in 2014 at the TU Dortmund, right next to my city, started to slow down my pace sometime but doing all the things, I saw some sense in for the practical future: Distributed Systems, Software Architecture, programming classes and even functional programming in Haskell, but really tuck away from the heavy math stuff. [Read More]


about browsers und speedtests Internet of Speeds Since I got a Gigabit Connection at home over DOCSIS 3.1 (at least Downsteam, Upstream is 50MBit), i like too see how fast my internet is. When your alone there aren‘t really many use cases where you need such a fast connection. But beside seeing the speeds on the interface of the router, eventually it was difficult to test the actual speeds. Disclaimer All the tests were made on a 2017 iMac with Cat5e cable connection. [Read More]

My First Post

“write a blog!” they said…

Okay, so here I am. Or at least my blog.

Since I’m a computer science student, i do it on github rather than on tumblr… As you can see, powered with hugo and currently no Pipeline.. :(