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This is my Website. Or will be.

Somebody told me to do this. I will link him sometime here.

Since this is relatively new to me, i guess i’ll write about my own projects and what I learned while doing it.

First Times

first time actual working So I started officially in December at bee42 as a working student. The first weeks in December were a little chaotic, my two colleagues were at KubeCon Seattle for a week but later onto this. The first days didn’t feel like real work. It was a strange feeling to get paid for just hacking around a little bit, trying, failing, asking obvious questions, Christmas just a few days to go. [Read More]

Go Lang Adventure

This week I participated in a Hackathon organized by bee42 at their location. It was focused on students of the FH Dortmund grad school, but me and a friend of me participated as well. We both know Docker and had experience working with git, wich, unfortunately, the other students didn’t seem to have. The goal was to make a better version of https://github.com/dockersamples/example-voting-app, to be mindful of the 12 factor rules and just have fun, of course! [Read More]

How to get a Job

My way until now My dad is a self-employed IT-Consultant, mainly focused on private persons to small businesses, everything from hardware and network/telephone wiring to software and service. Also some cozy, never-think-about mail and webhosting. I helped here and there, mainly focused on the hosting and everything related to Apple. I started computer science in 2014 at the TU Dortmund, right next to my city, started to slow down my pace sometime but doing all the things, I saw some sense in for the practical future: Distributed Systems, Software Architecture, programming classes and even functional programming in Haskell, but really tuck away from the heavy math stuff. [Read More]


about browsers und speedtests Internet of Speeds Since I got a Gigabit Connection at home over DOCSIS 3.1 (at least Downsteam, Upstream is 50MBit), i like too see how fast my internet is. When your alone there aren‘t really many use cases where you need such a fast connection. But beside seeing the speeds on the interface of the router, eventually it was difficult to test the actual speeds. [Read More]

My First Post

“write a blog!” they said…

Okay, so here I am. Or at least my blog.

Since I’m a computer science student, i do it on github rather than on tumblr… As you can see, powered with hugo and currently no Pipeline.. :(